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Pathway to Personal Harmony Coaching

Are you desiring more calm in your life, 

but don't know where to begin?

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What if someone told you there was an easier way to navigate a career,

build your self-esteem and sense of family after divorce or other life transitions, and tap into a peace you didn’t know was possible?

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Are you: 

>> wondering where your self-confidence has gone?

>> emotionally shredded after a relationship ending?

>> feeling disempowered, missing your creative spark?

>> struggling to find yourself after life transitions?

>> attempting to rebuild your community and sense of family?

I hear you, because I was exactly where you were over 10 years ago.

When I divorced, I was an instructor, uncertain of how to find success in academia much less my career in general, feeling lost as my existing family and friend circle crumbled, and overwhelmed with how to create a more peaceful life for myself and two kids, aged 12 and 9 at the time.


Issues I’ve dealt with include anxiety, depression, anorexia and the hard cycle of enabling alcoholic, addictive behaviors of others.  


Not yet 40, I also saw my mother defeated by ovarian cancer the month before a judge finalized my divorce. There was the added punch in the gut that all of this took place in a small, rural town with nowhere to hide. Ouch!

Today, I’m a much different person, more confident and successful in my academic career; enriched by my new sense of family, friendship and community; and more centered in an environment that has allowed me to raise my children to become emotionally intelligent humans. 

You could take years to figure it out on your own, but there’s an easier way – through working with me, you’ll learn how to . . . 



Achieve greater self-esteem, confidence and career success in the arts, academia, as well as other professional settings



Build and preserve your family, and sense of community to create a more enriching personal life after life changes



Access your creative state of flow and spiritual side to feel more calm, centered, resilient and fulfilled at work and at home

Meet Your Personal Harmony Coach

Hello! I'm Courtney Creel Blankenship, and I'm an educator in academia as well as a Personal Harmony Coach. Previously named a Top 10 Music Professor by College Magazine and in 2017 I received the WIU College of Fine Arts and Communication Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence.

In my coaching, I help professional women achieve greater confidence and career success in the arts after divorce and life transitions; build and preserve family/community; and access a state of flow to feel more calm, resilient and fulfilled
at work and at home.

My background is in arts and academia, and while I work with women from all backgrounds, I am particularly passionate about working with women in this profession. 

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Who I'm Working With . . . 


Women who want to feel more peace and less chaos to access their creative flow & spark to achieve success


Mothers who want to find balance between work, life, and navigating personal life after

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Professional women who want to achieve career success in the arts or academia field or other business professions

I am looking to transition into the next phase of my professional life with clarity and purpose. As a result of my work with Courtney, I've gained new insight into my core values and how they inform and impact my work in the world. I'm more confident about next steps on this journey and, with many thanks to Courtney, I now have new tools at my disposal with which to move forward! 

K. Mauldin-Curtis

Director, Peace Corps Fellows Program at Western Illinois University 

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT200

Your Personal Transformation Journey Awaits

1:1 Work

Interested in working with me 1:1?
Private Coaching Available

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